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Hey, I’m a Matchmaker for top-level service executives

June 3, 2011

Over the years I have been asked to play matchmaker more times than I can remember. Service executives would approach me looking for new career opportunities and ask me to introduce them to member companies that might hire them. On the other hand, corporations would reach out to ask if I could recommend the best service execs for positions that they had open at the time. As the Executive Director of a large technology services trade association, this put me in a very awkward position. I could not take any part in robbing people out of one member company and placing them in another member company. One thing was for sure, one of the companies was going to be mad at me and probably not renew their membership.

Well, things have changed! I am no longer in the trade association business and instead, I am creating a network of industry consultants to assist the very same members that we talked about above. These companies are always looking for top executive service management and I have a great relationship with most of the best and brightest service execs in our industry. So, it just makes sense for me to expand out into the Exclusive Executive Search area.

When I say “Exclusive”, I mean extremely confidential, targeted, and high level. I have built my reputation on being able to keep information to myself and never, ever, ever share it with anyone else. Key data, such as, awards applications, certification results, and benchmarking results all were held in the closest confidence. And, I did it for over 20 years!

Today, I am expanding my business to include executive recruiting. But, I am only going to work within the technology services industry. This means that I will work with companies that are searching for exceptional service execs to fill exciting positions, and, couple them with the best service executives in the industry today.

If you are a company looking to fill a key service position with a job title of Director or above, please contact me to set up a call to discuss the requirements for the perfect person. I probably already know the exec you are looking for.

If you are a service exec and want to make a career change, contact me so we can discuss the opportunities available to you. I will provide you with a candid career assessment and guidance about our industry and where you should be heading for your next executive services move.

Remember, I am not a professional recruiter. I’m an industry guy who happens to know a lot of people. lol

Contact me confidentially at


Setting Tech Support Priorities

February 12, 2010

Often I get TSIA member inquiries about setting priorities for tech support issues.  These questions are from members who want to validate the priority schemes that they are using and ensure that they are aligned with the industry.  Below you will find an audio PowerPoint presentation that addresses this topic.  Just watch in presentation mode, turn your speakers up, and listen to my discussion of this interesting part of service operations.

Setting Tech Support Priorities