Setting Tech Support Priorities

Often I get TSIA member inquiries about setting priorities for tech support issues.  These questions are from members who want to validate the priority schemes that they are using and ensure that they are aligned with the industry.  Below you will find an audio PowerPoint presentation that addresses this topic.  Just watch in presentation mode, turn your speakers up, and listen to my discussion of this interesting part of service operations.

Setting Tech Support Priorities


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One Response to “Setting Tech Support Priorities”

  1. Shana R Says:


    Interesting posting. We use technical severity as one of 4 determinants to the weighting of a ticket. The other three are 1) business impact (which business process is impacted? how critical is that?), 2) frequency of impact (is this a daily issue or intermittent), and 3) customer temperature. While these aren’t exactly sales opportunity, we use them to try to get closer to the overall impact to the customer’s business – not just the technical severity.

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