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SSPA Celebrates 20th Anniversary: Twenty ways the SSPA has changed our industry

June 29, 2009

January 2009 represents the twentieth anniversary for the Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA). Wow, what a “long strange trip it’s been!” In fact, when I think back at some of the major ways that the SSPA has changed our industry there were twenty areas that jumped out as critical to the development of the service & support industry. Over the years the SSPA played a vital role in guiding our members through the transitions of service delivery and helping to improve the overall level of service around the globe. Here is the SSPA story. (more…)


Preparing For the Future – Building a Support Succession Plan for Tech Support

June 29, 2009

Running a technical support business is all about taking action and getting things done. It seems like we have very little time to plan and when we do we are focused on support budgets and technology acquisitions. But, there is one future plan that will pay off big if we do it right; succession planning. Simply put, this is the art and science of grooming managers to become top executives and allowing them to become an internal pool of potential executive talent. Succession planning does not just happen, it is hard work but the benefits will be seen the first time you lose a VP and don’t have to go outside the company to find a replacement. What we are talking about here is developing a formal plan that would allow your brightest managers to gain the skills necessary to become VP’s or more. (more…)

Freezing Tech Support…Again!

June 29, 2009

Ever get that feeling that something really bad is about to happen? Your not quite sure what it is but you know that it can’t be good. With all of the economic bad news that we see everyday there is one thing we know for sure…..there will be a freeze on tech support spending. It is true and it happens every time that there is the slightest mention of an economic downturn. Get ready to freeze tech support spending because here it comes again. You can be sure that there will be a hiring freeze, a travel freeze, and an overall spending freeze in your not-to-distant future. So what can we do about it? How do we continue to deliver top-level services when we are financially hamstrung? (more…)